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Our prices are based on the training, experience, & ongoing development of each team member at Salon LaMont.


Total cut time may vary based on the condition of your hair and the stylist's skill level.

Short Haircut


Start from 30$

Haircut above jawline.

Medium Haircut

1hr - 1hr 15min

Start from 36$

For hair at jaw to collarbone in length.

Long Haircut

1hr - 1hr 30min

Start from 40$

For hair at or past collarbone in length.

Teen's Haircut

45min - 1hr

Start from 24$

Teens 13-17 cut and style.

Kid's Haircut

45min - 1hr

Start from 20$

Kids 8-12 cut and style.

Child's Haircut

30min - 45min

Start from 16$

Child under 8 cut and style.

Buzzed Haircut

30min - 45min

Start from 20$

Full head clipper or trimmer cut. 

Clipper Haircut


Start from 25$

Trim up at 4 weeks or less.

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